Urban Sound Diffuser

This was a conceptual look at how to counteract the amplified sound pollution caused by densely packed buildings in major cities. Cities, by nature, are perfect sound transferring devices. All of the concrete, steel, and glass are perfect materials for moving sound energy from one place to another without loss, and in many cases actually amplify that energy.

This concept puts in place a hanging structure at major intersections. And ,by utilizing a combination of passive and active sound-canceling technology, would effectively reduce the amount of noise allowed to carry throughout the city. And while localized noise wouldn't be dramatically reduced, it would help keep the residual shrieks of police sirens five blocks away to a minimum.

I knew if a project of this scale was ever considered, price and material usage would be a concern. So, I designed around the idea of having simple kit of parts that are used repeatedly throughout. An example of this is the cast aluminum center hub which creates the heart of the diffuser. One casting creates one segment of eight that bolt to each other.